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IssueWebmin login not working anymore jiteshsg112 years 3 weeks ago
IssueOrder 5579866 johnhowardfl12 years 3 weeks ago
IssueCannot change dbuser password of MariaDB, when changing password of virtual server's administrator from virtualmin GUI. irieyuusuke92 years 3 weeks ago
IssueMariaDB 10.4 mysql.user moved ot mysql.global_priv dowell2242 years 3 weeks ago
IssueDisabling Awstats does not remove awstats-icon links yngens122 years 4 weeks ago
IssueIs it possible to pre-install Google Authenticator Perl script? kimfull12 years 4 weeks ago
IssueCan my clients can see backups, if backups is stored on another virutal server? wdmarket12 years 4 weeks ago
Issueupdate httpd rpm in virtualmin GPL repo verne52 years 1 month ago
IssueCannot browse or any other file for that matter (file not found error) adamjedgar42 years 1 month ago
IssueLets encrypt problems info@gnulabs.se32 years 1 month ago
IssueMON Service Monitor won't start manzwebdesigns122 years 1 month ago
IssueRequest new Let's encrypt certificat with Debian Jessie hregis62 years 1 month ago
IssueWAF module David Power22 years 1 month ago
IssueMariaDB 10.4.8: "Column 'select_priv' is not updatable" error when changing virtual server password JEMEDIACORP102 years 1 month ago
IssueWHMCS fails to provision with Virtualmin techdudehosting392 years 1 month ago
IssuePHP writes files with 600 permissions instead of 644 mgrvmin32 years 1 month ago
IssueRunning multiple PHP versions marcelorp142 years 1 month ago
IssueVirtualmin => Addresses and Networking => Dynamic IP Update <<< needs some modernization/updating? WNYmathGuy202 years 1 month ago
Issue"File not found." in Apache sub-server with PHP-FPM Baterka42 years 1 month ago
IssuePHP FPM not cleaning session files in tmp folder roshanbudhathoki302 years 1 month ago
Issueyum oddity craigh72 years 1 month ago
IssueVirtualmin User to only have File Manager and Upload/Download access? jiteshsg42 years 1 month ago
Book pageTemplate Variable Listing andreychek42 years 1 month ago
IssueUse Backblaze B2 API to send backups to BackBlaze B2 hescominsoon462 years 1 month ago
IssueDKIM Failing shadowtor42 years 1 month ago