How to Use My Account Page

Your account details can be found by clicking "Account" in the top menu, or "My Account" in the bottom menu, on any page. There, you'll see a series of tabs:


There's not much to see here.


Here you can change your account details, such as email address, password, signature for forum posts and comments, and picture.


Notification email settings for everything except the ticket tracker. You can enable, delete or disable your email subscriptions from this tab.

Notifications can be turned off (except for Issue Notifications, which configures notifications about issues in our ticket tracker). You can subscribe to specific forums (click the "Forums" tab under Notifications), tags (though we don't heavily use tags here, and a notification based on it wouldn't be very useful), or a specific comment thread. The easiest way to subscribe to a specific thread, like one you've commented on and want to follow up on, you can check the box labeled "Notify me when new comments are posted", which will subscribe you to all future comments on that thread. You can unsubscribe from those in the future, if you stop wanting to receive updates in the "Threads" tab under Notifications.

Issue Notifications

Notification settings for the ticket tracker. We strongly recommend you not subscribe to all issues...that'll be lots of email, and often not interesting, as it includes support requests that are often very specific to one environment or installation. It is much more sensible to only subscribe to specific issues you have created or have an interest in, rather than all issues or whole categories of issues.

Software Licenses

This page will contain a list of all of your Virtualmin and Cloudmin Professional licenses, and the associated details, like serial number, secret license key, and the start and expiration dates. To cancel any subscription, open a new ticket in the issue tracker including the serial number of the license you'd like to cancel.


Allows you to see all of your forum and ticket tracker posts and comments in a date sorted list (most recent first). If you want to see all posts by all users, in forums, issues, and site-wide posts that administrators have made, recently, you can browse to the tracker.


Lists your purchases and provides access to invoices (once generated, which happens automatically for new orders), and eventually will provide a means to cancel or alter your own orders (I'm still working on this).