Cannot browse or any other file for that matter (file not found error)

guys i cannot believe this,

i have a virtual server that no matter what the fuck i do with it, it will not browse any files in public_html directory.

I can even delete the virtual server and create a new one for this domain and the fucker throws the exact same error over and over again.

What in Gods name is fucking causing this?

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I have managed to get it to at least browse .html files, however, php files simply throw a "file not found" error.

I cannot add to the public html directory and run an info.php,,,it throws the above error.

I have other virtual servers on this system running php no problems...however, i cannot create a new one that works. Something has gone wrong with updates because i have not touched this system in more than a month.

What on earth is going on?

I think i have figured out the issue. Eventually after much stuffing around, it just started working and i dont really know what the problem was.

I am starting to think that perhaps its a caching issue with either my computer browsers (on two different systems...iMac and a Windows PC) or perhaps even my ISP caching via our internet modem...i dont really know.

Anyway, its working now.

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