"File not found." in Apache sub-server with PHP-FPM

Using Debian 9 and newest Virtualmin with Apache.

I am using PHP-FPM and when I create new sub-server (subdomain of exiting server) then PHP scripts are not executed and I am getting error: "File not found."

This maybe means that "/etc/php/7.0/fpm/pool.d/XXXXXXXXXXXX.conf" file have wrong values.

Also why there is no option (FPM or FCGId) to just use parent process? Let's say I will do 100 subdomains so I will have 100 processes for each subdomain? Some sub-servers maybe need different process for safety, but mainly its not needed.



Do you mean you're getting a "file not found" error in your browser when you try to access a PHP page on this domain?

Restart all PHP-FPM processes.

What gets logged to the domain's logs/error_log file when you get one of these 400 errors?