incoming spam to user accounts forwarded to gmail - gmail blocks my smtp server

A number of our users set incoming email to be forwarded to their other off-server accounts such as gmail. The problem is that ALL incoming email is forwarded, including a large number of spam email. Gmail notices this and bans our smtp server.

Is there a way to configure spamassissin to filter out spam BEFORE the forwarding takes place?

-- Dennis Strain Enclave Managed Networks Box 365, Smithers, BC, Canada V0J 2N0 1-877-877-8793 toll-free phone & fax 1-250-847-2589 office



Howdy -- what you may want to do is change how the forwarding is taking place.

If you setup the email forwarding from within Usermin, that would mean it's occurring during the email delivery phase... which would mean that SpamAssassin can be involved prior to that occurring.