Add to Group Button Issue

Hello, in:
Webmin --> Webmin Users , i have a webmin group; if i select a user and click on [Add to Group:] , button work like the [Delete Users] button.
And got: Failed to delete users : One of the selected users is marked as non-editable.

I use:
Debian 8.2
Webmin version 1.760
Virtualmin version 4.18
Theme version Authentic Theme 16.01

PS: I tried a fresh virtualmin install on a local vm, issue is present only with virtual server .. without virtual server button work as expect.



Is the user you are trying to add one that was created by Virtualmin, as a domain owner?

Yes. i also tried with more user, everyone is the virtual server administrator, same issue.

So it is expected that adding a Virtualmin domain owner to a group will fail like this - these users are managed entirely by Virtualmin, and so cannot be edited on the Webmin Users page.

The error message is a bit confusing though - I will fix that.

Ok. So is not possibile to add, example, a filemin group with tuned permission.

The supported way to do this is at System Settings -> Server Templates -> Default settings -> Webmin login, using the "Webmin group for domain owners" field.