MySQL Version 5.1.73 Unsupported


My most recent PCI scan noted a failing vulnerability due to MySQL version 5.1.73. They note "The version of MySQL detected is no longer supported by the vendor. No further security patches or upgrades will be released by the vendor for this version, and the vendor will not evaluate this version when investigating new vulnerability reports."

An upgrade to 5.2 or greater is required.

When will MySQL be updated in Webmin?

Thanks, Bill56



Howdy -- the MySQL version you're using is provided by your distribution -- CentOS in this case.

It's actually fully up to date with security patches, and is being actively maintained.

When CentOS ships packages with it's distribution, those package versions don't change over time. Instead, they backport bugfixes and security fixes into the package versions they shipped.

Details of the RHEL/CentOS backporting procedure is available here: