Redirect of URLs ?


I’m probably missing something but didn’t find a way to do this :( I have an account for for example for a customer. He wants to be able to setup some redirections on some subdomains. For example setup to redirect to external website ! I have tried to setup a sub-domain and setup a redirect but it creates a new dns zone instead of using dns zone of main domain and so resolution of this sub-domain doesn’t work :(

Thanks for help




Howdy -- well, it shouldn't actually matter that the DNS zone file is separate, that's a normal setup.

If you're creating a new subdomain that's not resolving -- can you let us know what the name of that subdomain is?

We can do some remote testing on the DNS to try and determine what the problem there is.

Hi Andry

Thanks for yous answer. Here is the tes sub-domain that is not working !

Thanks for help


Hmm, so just to clarify -- is that actually "", or should that be ""?

it’s well :)

Okay, it looks like the nameservers for the domain "" are:

What is, is that your ISP?

However, it appears that your Virtualmin server isn't controlling the DNS records, but that is.

That means that you'd need to go to, and add a DNS record for "" there.

arg sorry for that my customer has changd them back again, I’m going to check with him ! sorry for that ! Just to be sure, if he changes DNS back to use my virtualmin server then the foo redirection setup will work right ?


Yup, it should work if the nameservers are changed to point to your Virtualmin server.

And if it doesn't, we'd be glad to work with you to determine what the problem is.

Remember that DNS can be a bit "fickle". It could take a few hours at least, after changing the nameservers, before that sub-domain begins working.

so dns have been updated 12 hours ago to use virtualmin one but it still doesn’t work :(

Have you been able to check what is the issue ?


It appears that there are two nameservers setup for your domain --


The first one is working properly, and has an IP address for "".

The second one does not have any information on "" though.

What is that second nameserver? Is that a server that you control, or is that a third party DNS service?

the second nameserver is secondary dns server firnished by the datacenter where my server is ! I have to add manually on it domains so it’s painful if I have to add manually each subdomain ! Isn’t it possible that virtualmin uses only one zone file for each domain including all subdomains ?


oki so it looks to work as I expected and wanted for subservers so it’s fine ;) just something strange: if I check DNS records for main domain it doesn’t display all records, I have to go in manual editing to see everything !


Sorry for the delay, as I had to do a little research first in order to verify that this would work for you.

Although it sounds like this is somewhat working for you now, I'll still offer the info --

In System Settings -> Server Templates -> Default -> BIND DNS Domain, there's an option named "Add sub-domain DNS records to parent domain".

Note that this would only work for newly created Virtual Servers.

Also, the domain and sub-domain would each need to belong to the same account owner in Virtualmin in order for that to work.

Thanks Andy, it’s perfect solution :)

Best, cheers