Controlling Mail-Bounces

Hi there

I am working hard to get myself off the Yahoo naughty list and I need to answer the following questions.

* If you do remove bouncing email addresses, how many Soft bounces (4xx) does it take to be removed from you list?: <.cite>

*If you do remove bouncing email addresses, how many Hard bounces (5xx) does it take to be removed from you list?:

Would anyone know if this is configurable somewhere in Postfix? Ideally, I would set a limit for both and then mails would no longer retry to these bouncing addresses.

I need to control how often a mail is attempted to be delivered before it stops




Well, the questions they're asking are specific to mailing lists... a mailing list should handle bounce messages in special ways.

Since you don't have a mailing list, where addresses might be removed, the second question doesn't really apply.

That is, a hard bounce in your case is just going to be a one-time bounce. The only reason it would happen again is if the forum software were to send another email to that user for some reason. But Postfix would only generate a hard bounce once.

A soft bounce is a bounce where Postfix will continue to retry every 30 minutes or so for 5 days. That's not considered a problem though, that's exactly what an email client is supposed to do.

It sounds like their complaint is they think the same email addresses are being sent messages multiple times over a long period of time, not just a normal retry as the soft bounces are doing.

That said, if you really wish to tweak the amount of time Postfix will re-try nessages for, you could try tweaking the Postfix "maximal_queue_lifetime" parameter. Details for that parameter are here: