theme overlay brand and brand_url option

Do the brand and brand_url options work in the theme overlay feature ?

If they do just where is it suppose to show up at ?



Are you creating an overlay for the default Webmin theme, or the Virtualmin theme?

For both the blue theme and virtualmin theme.

I had a look at the code, and realized that brand_url is a really old option that isn't supported in most themes.

What kind of UI customization are you trying to do exactly?

I was under the impression that for the blue theme I could use my overlay theme and change the image and url on the main system page. Instead of the webmin url and image I could replace that with mine.

I know you could at one time edit the blue theme someplace and add your own branding in the menu on the left but that seems to be gone now. so I though the brand and brand_url did that.

For the Virtualmin theme, you can do this using the settings at System Settings -> Virtualmin Configuration -> User Interface Settings -> URL for company logo image. There is no equivalent for the Blue Framed theme though..

I know about the VM setting. Its the overlay docs that seem to be out dated since features aren't used or never was enabled.

The overlay feature was designed for making changes to icons or CSS simply - its not so good for changing the layout of a page.

I'd recommend using the Virtualmin theme - it can be used even without Virtualmin, in which case it reverts to behaving like the blue framed theme.

So brand and brand_url don't anything even though its in the docs.....

Which docs are they in? I need to fix that ..

Thanks ... I've updated that doc to mention that these parameters only work with old themes.