there may be a bug

and it is descibed here

there are missing fields in webmin for some users



Jamie, they're seeing that in Webmin 1.585, when accessing "Virtualmin -> Services -> Configure Website -> Networking and Addresses ", the "Alternate virtual server names" field is no longer there.

Has that field been intentionally removed?

Yes, it was removed intentionally - the proper way to manage alternate server names is to create alias domains using Virtualmin.

I had to remove this field on the Configure Website page, as too many users were breaking Virtualmin's association with the Apache configs by removing server aliases.

Understood. Thanks for the confirmation, Jamie.

@Jamie: Are you saying this setting was removed completely from the Webmin Apache module? What if you only install Webmin without Virtualmin?

I understand the "user breaking things" reason, but I think the setting should only be hidden if Webmin detects an installed Virtualmin. Users who know what they're doing should not be patronized to accommodate for users who don't. ;)

It is only hidden for domains that are managed by Virtualmin .. so if you create a virtualhost manually in the Apache module or don't have Virtualmin installed at all, the options will still be visible.

Okay, very nice then and I completely agree with the change!

I noticed the following issue:

  1. backed up a virtual server on server X where it had a number of aliases
  2. resotred on server Y
  3. I tried to recreate one of the aliases (say as recommended above using Create Server, but now am getting the message
Failed to create virtual server : The domain is already hosted by your Apache webserver

So now there seems to be no way easy way to go and edit these aliases in Virtualmin ;-)

Following the new logic, they should show up as "Alias Servers" under the main Virtualmin server

That would be nice to have .... thanks

That sounds like a bug ...

In step 1, did you also backup the alias domains?