Backups don't include public_html if "Backup all features" is checked

If I check "Backup all features", backups are reported to work correctly (no error messages), but when I tried to extract one of them, to test if it was correct, I discovered that I had only the directory structure inside "public_html", but with no files at all.

If I check "Only those selected below ..", then I check "Select all" on both "Features to backup" and "Virtualmin settings to also backup" sections, backups seem to work correctly (and filesize of every tar.gz are really bigger, of course!).



Hmm, I don't seem to be able to reproduce that behavior.

I'm curious about some of the settings you have there.

In Backup and Restore, what are the following set to:

  • Backup Destination (is it local file, ftp, ssh, or s3?)

  • Which options are checked in "Additional destination options"?

  • What is the Backup Format?

And lastly, if you go into System Settings -> Virtualmin Configuration -> Backup and Restore, what are these two options set to:

  • Backup compression format

  • Bzip2 compression command

Hi Andreychek, and thank you for your interest.

  • Backup destination is a remote SSH server, the only "strange" setting is that it accepts connections on a non-standard (22) port, but on port 2622 (in fact, I filled the "SSH server" field with ADDRESSOFTHESERVER:2622

  • "Additional destination options" are both checked;

  • Backup format is "One file per server", with "Create destination directory?" checked.

  • Backup compression format is gzip, and bzip2 compression format is "Regular (bzip2)"

Oh, one thing I forgot to ask -- was this a full backup, or an incremental?

Just for fun -- if you go into Backup and Restore -> Backup Virtual Servers now, pick one of your Virtual Servers there, and generate a backup of it using the same settings that gave you trouble in the past -- does that work correctly now, or does it still fail to backup some of the user's information?

Hi Andreychek,

If I do a manual backup it seems to work correctly. Now I'm trying to recreate the process, with a full backup on Sundays and daily incremental backups (for the moment, I'm keeping them in "Only those selected below .. " mode, with everything selected), then I'll try to go back to "Backup all features" mode. I'll make you know about results.

I don't understand if "Backup all features" includes automatically also the second block of features titled "Virtualmin settings to also backup", can you explain me?

I believe the "Backup all Features" button only affects the "Features to backup" options, and not "Virtualmin settings to also backup".