Adding users the proper way with the ff access

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#1 Mon, 03/30/2009 - 02:50

Adding users the proper way with the ff access

I have the following.

Webmin Virtualmin

One of my domains has the following enabled.

Mail for domain Web virtual server Log file rotation MySQL login

My questions are...

  1. Do I need to enable Webmin login so that I can add a user that has access to let's say the ff MySQL dbs.

domain_db1 domain_db2

  1. Is 'System Statistics' only available in the PRO version?

Thank you for your time.


To add, with Virtualmin 3.67, I can't seem to change the default team for the users in the Server Administrator Permissions it keeps defaulting back to Old Webmin Theme.<br><br>Post edited by: P4rD0nM3, at: 2009/03/30 03:30

Mon, 03/30/2009 - 04:47

For the user to use Webmin to manage the MySQL DB's -- yes, they'd need the Webmin login enabled.

However, you could get around that by setting up phpMyAdmin for your users -- which would allow them to manage their databases without requiring a Webmin login.

And yes, I believe the System Statistics are Pro only.

Lastly, if you try to change the theme, and it doesn't work, you probably want to file a bug report (using the Bugs and Issues link below).

Mon, 03/30/2009 - 05:21 (Reply to #2)

How do I go add one that has access to FTP and MySQL?

Because the last time I did it was that I had to add the user as a extra server administrator.

Mon, 03/30/2009 - 08:14 (Reply to #3)


What I would do is:

* Go into Edit Mail and FTP Users

* Click &quot;Add User to this Server&quot;

* Choose the username/password and such

* Go into &quot;Other user permissions&quot;, and choose what databases they have access to

Mon, 03/30/2009 - 08:24 (Reply to #4)

Hello I did what you just told me (Which is the same thing I did a long time ago), but it still didn't make a username for that one user.

I made 'testuser' so the login was testuser.domain right? That's what it shows on the list of users, but then if you look at the webmin users in the Webmin tab, it's not there. The only thing there is the main root admin and the domain owner.

Mon, 03/30/2009 - 08:52 (Reply to #5)

Well, if you made a user called &quot;testuser&quot;, something with the name &quot;testuser&quot; should show in in &quot;Edit Mail and FTP Users&quot;.

Further, if you log in over SSH, you should see it when you type this:

grep testuser /etc/passwd

Mon, 03/30/2009 - 10:09 (Reply to #6)

No output.

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