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#1 Tue, 03/24/2009 - 21:47

hosting server setup

I have a general question covering few aspects. On my dedicated server I have 1 IP. I installed Virtualmin on Ubuntu Hardy, and also Postfix email. I keep on getting the message of Certificate being invalid. I also want to install webmail en some outlook emails are not delevered. The one user using vista and Outlook 2007 keep on getting a problem that when trying to sent email, she need to supply username and password.

I am lost now - any one available to help??

Wed, 03/25/2009 - 04:31

When are you getting the invalid certificate error -- what program are you using?

However, if you're accessing a self-signed SSL certificate, that's typical -- generally, if you want that error to go away, you have to pay up for a commercial SSL cert :-) Company's like GoDaddy offer them for around $20 a year.

Outlook does not enable authentication for outgoing email by default. You'll need to configure it to use a username and password when sending emails.

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