Virtualmin and Windows XP

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#1 Fri, 01/02/2009 - 10:54

Virtualmin and Windows XP

Hi RÆ¡om ! Can I install Virtualmin GPL AMI on my system: Microsoft Windows XP Professional Version 2002 Service Pack 3 ? Kindly Amanda

Fri, 01/02/2009 - 15:04


Sorry, Virtualmin isn't going to work on Windows XP as such. There's some info here on what all Virtualmin does work on:

However, if you have Windows XP laying around -- you can always install a Linux distribution within the freely available VMware Server -- and then install Virtualmin on that.

Sat, 01/03/2009 - 04:07 (Reply to #2)
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it says here however webmin can be installed on windows

not sure if then virtualmin will work though. VMware server seems a good option as Eric explained.

Sat, 01/03/2009 - 08:55

Much appreciated Eric & Ronald for your information.
I'm not a seasoned veteran in this field, so I need to partake in a lot more knowledge before I can know what the right decision is. Thoughtfully Yours : Amanda Nguyen.

Sat, 01/03/2009 - 09:26 (Reply to #4)

It's okay, no one starts as a seasoned veteran :-)

Ronald's right, Webmin itself does run on Windows.

The Virtualmin component (along with many of it's dependencies, such as Postfix, Dovecot, and the like) isn't designed to work on Windows though. The OS support page for Virtualmin mentions:

"Virtualmin does not work on Windows-based Operating Systems at this time, and it is not in our near-term plans to add support for Windows-based systems."

So I might recommend exploring VMware to try Virtualmin without needing to setup a new server.

Another option is to buy a VPS with someone like Linode or Slicehost. They'll put Linux on a server for you, and it can cost as little as $20/month -- but can grow with your needs.

Have a good one,

Sun, 01/04/2009 - 16:52
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AMI is an Amazon web services doesn't "install", at all. It runs on Amazon servers.

You certainly can setup and use Amazon Web Services using a Windows (or Mac or Linux or FreeBSD or whatever) client PC, and you could use the Virtualmin AMI. Your client operating system is pretty much irrelevant to the discussion.

So, the answer is "no, but it doesn't matter because you don't install an AMI, you run it on Amazon's servers".

Getting started with AWS (Amazon Web Services) <i>can</i> be somewhat intimidating, but it is well-documented at the AWS site (and using Virtualmin on AWS is reasonably well-documented on our site). We're happy to answer any specific questions you might have about getting things running.


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