Webmin embebbed in a html web page with frames.

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#1 Fri, 01/02/2009 - 03:31

Webmin embebbed in a html web page with frames.

Hey guys i have a problem. i have embebbed webmin into a web page with frames (simple html frames). This web page i have created (my home page) has two frames. one is on the right and one is on the left. The left one is a menu with links to launch several web pages into the right frame. When you launch a web page into the right frame, you browse it like a regular page, but you still have the left menu visible in your web browser.

With this html statement i launch webmin into the frame "principal" from the left frame (the menu)

<a href="https://novotny.hopto.org:10000/" target="principal" >.WebMin </a>

All the links i have created work perfect, you get the left frame visible when you browse the right frame with the web page you have launched.

For some reason when i launch webmin, initially i can see both frames. the left frame (menu) and the righ one (webmin login menu)

but after one second, the webmin page takes over and "hides" my menu frame. Its like i had launched webmin in a new window with no frames.

Is there any way i can prevent this from happening? i dont have any problems on editing webmin html files to prevent this, but i really dont know where to start.

Any ideas? thanks!