Virtualmin doesn't update itself anymore...

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#1 Tue, 12/16/2008 - 18:33

Virtualmin doesn't update itself anymore...

Just took a look and my Virtualmin installation is still running 3.61, which is, according to all it cares to know, the latest.

In other words, the System Information does not seem to be aware of newer versions, and doesn't notify me.

What is the cause of that, and how to remedy it -- alternatively, how do I perform a yum update manually of JUST Virtualmin components?

Tue, 12/16/2008 - 18:37
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Have you uninstalled virtualmin-release? You can find out with:

rpm -q virtualmin-release

Or disabled the Virtualmin yum repositories? Check by looking in /etc/yum.repos.d/virtualmin.repo to be sure they're enabled.

Those are the only things I can think of that would lead to updates not showing up.


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