User and domain creation configuration?

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#1 Wed, 11/19/2008 - 14:54

User and domain creation configuration?

Ok while I'm loving virtualmin so far, there's a couple things that I'm beginning to find a bit annoying and wondering if there's some simple solutions for. I've attempted working with configuring both server templates and module configuration and can't seem to get a workable result for either of my issues.

First problem. Virtualmin seems to be totally incapable of creating a server (virtual host) under an already existing username. I'm curious as to why it wouldn't allow that? Doesn't seem as though something like that would really be that tough.

More or less if I create any users on the system through something like, say, adduser in shell I can never use that username for a virtual host user.

Second problem is a little longer. Basically it's how domains/sub-domains are structured. In other management panels such as hsphere virtual hosts are created under user accounts in a relatively simple manner (or at least configurable to be able to do so). I.E:

home/username/ home/username/ home/username/ ...

With each ones subsequent information contained within. Nice neat and easy to figure out.

But virtualmin seems to require me to add additional hosts as "sub-servers" which are forcefully placed in what seems as an unnecessary extra "domains" directory in the users account:

home/username/public_html (for home/username/logs (for home/username/cgi-bin (for ... home/username/domains/ home/username/domains/

I've looked for a means to configure this, and the only thing I seem to be able to really effect is the primary domain. Meaning I can get the main domain through configuration to build like:

home/username/ home/username/ home/username/ home/username/

But outside of the primary domain it seems impossible to modify how the sub-domains are built (outside of modification to the actual source code that is). On top of that, due to the first issue I can't even simply add an additional main domain to the user because it already exists.

Why not simply build the structure (or allow better flexibility in the configuration for changing the structure) more in a manner like other panels?<br><br>Post edited by: relak, at: 2008/11/19 14:56