db permissions for sub-domains

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#1 Wed, 11/19/2008 - 00:30

db permissions for sub-domains

I have things setup to create new servers as an alias in 'ez-ms.com'.

I created a new server 'test.com' and have a 'test.ez-ms.com' server.

When I use phpMyAdmin and login at 'test', 'test' has access to all databases within 'ez-ms.com'. I have not tried a second sub-domain yet to see if that user has access to 'ez-ms.com' and the other aliases within 'ez-ms'.

Did I miss something in the configuration setup? I would not expect the user 'test' (associated with 'test.com') to have permissions within 'ez-ms.com'.

What did I miss?

This seems to be a general mysql permissions problem but I' can't figure it out.

The following are setup: [code:1] privileges: ezms@localhost: SELECT, ... EXECUTE test@localhost: SELECT, ... EXECUTE test2@localhost: SELECT, ... EXECUTE root@localhost: All Privileges

databases: ezms_roundcube: user: ezms permissions: all ezms_limesurvey: user: ezms permissions: all test_cart: user: test permissions all test_mydb: user: test permissions all test2_mydb: user: test2 permissions all [/code:1] From the command line, mysql -utest2 -p<pass> mysql allows access (which it shouldn't because test2 doesn't have any admin rights). show tables shows the mysql tables!

Same applies for other users and other databases.

Something is seriously wrong but I can't see where the problem is.

I would expect 'test2' to only see 'test2_mydb'.

Can anyone offer any insight?

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