understanding RADIUS

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#1 Wed, 10/01/2008 - 11:03

understanding RADIUS

Any basic explanations or walk through docs that refer to freeradius and Centos would be very appreciated. Even better would be specific solutions.

I have been working in windows servers for years and I am now trying to understand Linux systems. I am working with Centos 5.2 and have installed Centos and Virtualmin from scratch a half dozen times for practice. The general methods or reasons for the links are slowly sinking in. However I am at an impasse and can not find Radius integration that makes sense.

I am working at setting up an outgoing mail server. The server needs LDAP so I followed the docs that are published on this site and the server is working great. However I also need to connect freeRADIUS into the system and therein lies my two problems. I am working at making sense out of the radius configuration file. I need to make 2 connections that I do not comprehend.

First: I want to connect to one of the database types that I have as part of the LDAP/Virtualmin install and be able to use secure password authentication. Is PAM the best database connection to use and how do I go about connecting freeRadius to it.

Second: I need to point the Radius to a dial-up provider's Radius server and do not see how to do that in the radius script.