Postfix and "alias" servers causing Spam problem

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#1 Fri, 07/25/2008 - 22:05

Postfix and "alias" servers causing Spam problem

Is there a way to change the way VM writes the /etc/postfix/virtual file for Alias servers? If I have a regular domain of, and then add an alias,, this gets added to the virtual file:

The second line, the "" wild-card, causes Postfix to accept mail for invalid users at If I don't have a user called "test1" and I send mail to -- the primary domain, the MTA sends a failure right away and the mail never enters the queue. If I send to however, it accepts the email, then turns around and bounces it.

The problem is that I have lots of mail piling up in the queue from MAILER-DAEMON to invalid addresses. It's probably also be causing my system to "backscatter" spam.

Is there an option or alternative so the email delivery can fail instantly during the regular delivery?