[MAIL] I cannot send emails

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#1 Thu, 04/17/2008 - 22:28

[MAIL] I cannot send emails

hi all,

I set Virtualmin (licensed for 10 domains) it seems to work fine, had problems with DNS but it is ok now.

My problem is that 1 cannot recieve any mails. I recieve that kind of message :

Command time limit exceeded: "/usr/bin/procmail-wrapper -o -a $DOMAIN -d $LOGNAME"

Can someone tell me what I did wrong ?

Regs, Marc.

Thu, 04/17/2008 - 22:46
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I have no idea. I've never seen this message before.

Maybe the spam/AV filtering is just taking too long. Try switching to the daemonized version of those services (spamc and clamdscan).


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Thu, 04/17/2008 - 23:59 (Reply to #2)

Hi , thanks for the fast reply :)

I have this message when I try to set what you told me :
You have chosen to use the spamc client program, but the spamd server does not appear to be running

Ichanged the /etc/default/spamassasin I put a 1 instead of 0 to activate the spamd

Retry to switch to the daemonized version of those services (spamc and clamdscan) => seems to work.

Send a new mail => then YEAH !!!!!!
Roudcube told me you recieved a new mail

Thanks Joe

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