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#1 Tue, 03/11/2008 - 23:32

[SOLVED] About Joe

Hi, I am a bit curious on these. :)

  1. Does the income from VirtualMin cover the expense of your daily life?

  2. Who else are developers of virtualMin?

  3. Do you have a blog?

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Tue, 03/11/2008 - 23:39
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<div class='quote'>1. Does the income from VirtualMin cover the expense of your daily life?</div>

Not quite. But we've accepted a wee bit of seed-level funding from a company called Y Combinator, and both of us have reasonable savings, so neither of us is starving, by any means. Jamie has other sources of income, mostly relating to Webmin. I've been living exclusively off of Virtualmin income and savings from my previous business for a bit over two years.

We expect things to break even for Virtualmin, Inc. this year...and reach a point where both Jamie and I can work full-time on nothing but Virtualmin.

<div class='quote'>2. Who else are developers of virtualMin?</div>

Jamie and I are the sole developers at this time. We do hire outside designers from time to time for logos and icons and other graphic design.

<div class='quote'>3. Do you have a blog?</div>

Webmin blog: http://inthebox.webmin.com

Personal blog: http://www.obsceneart.com

Jamie doesn't have a personal blog.


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Thanks for the reply.

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