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#1 Mon, 03/03/2008 - 10:40

Too expensive

I love virtualmin GPL and many of the features in the pro version look very interesting.

Unfortunately, I can't justify the cost, its way too expensive.

$250 per year for a license, and I'm not a fan of limits either (so the cheaper more limited licenses are not an option). Also, I'm not a very big fan for paying more that once for a piece of software, so an annual license is a complete turn off.

So, either a $250 one time fee with lifetime free updates no matter what the version, and unlimited or something like a one time fee of $30 - $50, for the current major version and unlimited license.

And.. lets not forget, the ability to install it on as many servers and as many times as I want. Remember, limits are BAD.<br><br>Post edited by: tuaris, at: 2008/03/03 10:46

Mon, 03/03/2008 - 14:19

let me get this straight, then. You're saying that you will offer hosting for, say, a one time fee of $30 including unlimited storage and bandwidth where they can choose their operating system and no limit to domains? Because let's be real, limits are bad.

Maybe you'd prefer to implement those functions by hand. Show me someone else that gives away what you ask and maybe Joe and Jamie might jump ship. Get a clue, they do have to eat sometime you know =0

Tue, 03/04/2008 - 06:37 (Reply to #2)

I put anyhting...

I've 3 licenses.

My opinion, is that he is expensive mainly because does not finish
having an answer of support like its competitors, like Cpanel, Plesk.
The use because he is not intrusive with the system.

Nevertheless, it displays many problems of consistencies, and difficulties that cause that the administrator must have very advanced knowledge.

In addition, its manual is frankly loose, emphasizing the
documentation absence on its operation, to resolve those problems

I have been taking following the product for years, and the truth, has not evolved in anything the subject of the documentation.

Thus, which it stops certain things, use Cpanel, and for, VirtualminPro.


Sat, 03/15/2008 - 23:57 (Reply to #3)


Make that same comment to the Cpanel people and you would be laughed right off their forum.

Second the license you refer to is the *UNLIMITED* domains one which is really a damn good price considering that the average hosting prices are $19.99 a month and you could potentially make that back by selling 12 hosting packages for that price.

Third the renewal fee is *ONLY* $169 a year and if you can't pay that then you don't need the UNLIMITED license one.

Stop being cheap and invest in something that is worth while instead of complaining.

Tue, 03/04/2008 - 01:36
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<div class='quote'>Unfortunately, I can't justify the cost, its way too expensive.</div>

Then Virtualmin GPL is the right option for you, and we're happy to have you as a Virtualmin GPL user. We have no desire to be the low cost option with Virtualmin Professional--it will be priced competitively to the two market leaders in this space. I'm afraid there's really nothing to discuss about our pricing on Virtualmin Professional. Right now is the cheapest it will ever be.

<div class='quote'>So, either a $250 one time fee with lifetime free updates no matter what the version, and unlimited or something like a one time fee of $30 - $50, for the current major version and unlimited license.</div>

Perhaps you'd also like a pony?

Virtualmin Professional is not, and will never be, a &quot;low cost&quot; control panel, and we have no desire for it to have that place in the market. In this case, you can buy products from several of our low end competitors for the prices you've suggested...but they'll be significantly less capable than even our free product, Virtualmin GPL.

I hope you continue to enjoy Virtualmin GPL, and I hope it works great for your business. And if, at some point in the future, your business model changes to a pricing model that supports the license fees of Virtualmin Professional, we'll look forward to having you as a Virtualmin Professional customer.


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