Limit virtual server options for domain admin?

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#1 Tue, 01/15/2008 - 16:49

Limit virtual server options for domain admin?


I'm pretty certain I had configured this before, but now for the life of me I simply can't find it (if it even exists, that is!).

When you login as a domain administrator for a virtual domain (which i already created as root, using Virtualmin default template settings), you click on 'Apache Server' and it takes you directly to the configuration for that domain. [For some reason it is called 'virtual server options' (as opposed to virtual server apache options'??)].

if you look at the options available there are some i don't want to appear or be accessible, e.g. 'proxying', and 'ssl options' - since i am setting up name-based virtual servers and have no use for ssl anyways - but that's beside the point. just how to remove certain options here is what i want to do...

is it configurable?

EDIT: Okay, I found in Webmin Module Access Control for the user of the domain i want to edit, i can choose which 'Directive Types Available' are allowed. But this means the user will no longer automatically be managed wholly by the Virtualmin GPL plugin - I had to override the user to edit this. Is there no way of setting which directives are available by default for a new virtual server created with Virtualmin? :( Post edited by: varney, at: 2008/01/15 16:51<br><br>Post edited by: varney, at: 2008/01/15 17:29