Same document root for all domains

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#1 Mon, 01/07/2008 - 23:32

Same document root for all domains

For some reason,i have same document root on two domain and ip adress of server.I installed webmin and tried to fix it but still nothing.With little playing it changed from document root of ip adress to document root of first domain but now it show content of first domain on ip adress and second domain.I think httpd.conf is fine,beacuse i installed new conf during webmin install.Could be something with nameserver or dns? Also,i noticed i can login to both domains with username from one domain which shoul'nt happening.Mysql work,even pop server working,i can login onto it,but any mail operation simply doesnt work.Which mean no matter do i send mail to adress on server,send mail from server,put mail on forwarding it doesnt work.And webmin doesnt report any error.And i think that cause same error what cause previous case.Any idea how to fix it?<br><br>Post edited by: JACOBKELL, at: 2008/01/07 23:33

Tue, 01/08/2008 - 10:17

I don't know what configuration you are using, but I've had a similar problem, at least with the sites of two domains being the same...

I couldn't tell from what you tried to explain if that is the problem.

I have a external IP which is being redirected with a dmz on my router to my server's lan IP. The virtual host configuration that virtualmin was setting on apache was giving the external IP address to the virtual hosts, and so every domain was being redirected to the default site...You should check your virtual hosts and see if that's the problem, if this configuration applies to yours...

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