server refusing connections

the server keeps refusing all connections, meanwhile the not logged in TTY is reporting

boss login: [ 1136.898984] nf-conntrack: default automatic helper assignment has been turned off for security reasons and CT-based firewall rule not found. Use the iptables CT target to attach helpers instead

i reboot the server, all is well for about 10 minutes, and then that ^ happens





Howdy -- thanks for contacting us!

Did you setup any sort of firewall, or other sort of IP address blocking software?

As it's possible one of those is causing some problems.

Also, is it just your desktop computer that's being blocked? That is, if you try from a different IP address when that happens, are you able to connect from a different computer that's on a different IP?

there's only the bare OS & virtualmin pro on the server

i installed from & then followed instructions in "issues" to install virtualmin on centos8, and then i upgraded to pro

BIND is disabled & DNS is at the domain registrar, using the record set suggested by virtualmin there were 5 updates, this issue has arisen since performing them also, the CPU seems rather busy for a idling os, every 25 seconds or so for 1 second 100% cpu

i'm quite happy to share login details over email if anyone can help