Virtualmin Documentation - Advanced Email Topics

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#1 Thu, 11/21/2019 - 19:57

Virtualmin Documentation - Advanced Email Topics

I note the following in the virtualmin documentation SMTPS and Submission Configuration - Configuring Postfix to accept secure SMTP connections for outgoing mail from mail clients.

After adding a new SSL certificate for a domain (ie a virtulmin>virtual server, it says...

click Server Configuration -> Manage SSL Certificate. From there, you can click Copy to Postfix in order to enable SMTPS and Submission with your newly generated self-signed SSL certificate

Now this is completely confusing and i need a straight answer (we all need a straight answer)

My server uses a single ipaddress for the which is the default configuration for an awful lot of systems providing webhosting functionality where virtualmin is likely to be used (otherwise who needs virtualmin?)

There are about 12 other websites (virtual servers) on this server, each website domain uses SSL and all have email.

If postfix uses 1 SSL certificate for each ip address and there is only a single ipaddress for the, why does the virtualmin (and the virtualmin docs) tell us to copy the SSL certificate for each of the virtual servers to postfix?

Isnt following the advice of the docs, and Virtualmin itself, going to overwrite the Postfix SSL certificate because its shared hosting with a single ipaddress? Or does virtualmin do something with all of these SSL certs that allow us to store multiple SSL certs in Postfix for a single IP Address on the host?