Need help for a new server based on Ubuntu 18.04 and Network using Netplan.

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#1 Thu, 11/14/2019 - 16:08

Need help for a new server based on Ubuntu 18.04 and Network using Netplan.

I've just built from the ground up a replacement server. The old server was centos 7 based, new one Ubuntu Server 18.04. So all software is current as per the distribution / Virtualmin install.

The server is behaving correctly, I can serve up web sites to the outside world, receive emails to Postfix, and internal network is talking correctly to outside world. (However, if I take the nameserver section out of the yaml file, it no longer works).

This note added later) If I go into Servers >> Read User Mail ... no problem, but if I try and use Usermin, all I get are the menus on the left and a blank screen where emails should be displayed. Happens on machine on local network and the server.


I cannot connect to the Samba server or get emails using Thunderbird from my local machine. The config files seem to match what I had on Centos 7, for Postfix, Dovecot and Samba. Searched the internet and getting nowhere. Never had an issue like this is the past and believe it might be related to the networking.

I'm using shorewall / iptables as the firewall, no other firewall is active. Here is the YAML file for the internal network.

            addresses: ['']
                addresses: [,,]
                search: [twin-peaks-video]

Any help / pointers would be gratefully received.


Thu, 11/14/2019 - 21:32

I must confess I know nothing about netplan...but in the short period I have done some reading since reading your post, do you really need netplan?

See the following ...

And even Ubuntu own forum seems to be against the idea at present...

Perhaps instead use unbuntu 16 for a bit longer?

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Thu, 11/14/2019 - 23:19

Adam, I wish I could confess to knowing nothing about netplan. I was told that if I wanted Webmin / Virtualmin to work correctly as a Ubuntu 18.04 server I had to use Netplan. (It's actually the only way to get "Active at Boot" to show the interfaces.) Unfortunately going to Ubuntu 16 will not work as the kernel will not support the AMD Ryzen cpu. (reason for building new server) I only went to Ubuntu because who knows when VirtualMin will support Centos8 (which is the dist I'd really like to use).

So tomorrow, I'm actually doing as you suggest, going back to old and trusted methods! To be honest, why we need all these friggin' different network interfaces is a mystery to me. Especially as NetworkMangler is robust, easy to understand, and works.

Oh well.

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