Held back/locked packages should be ignored

On debian systems we can lock/hold a package version when it conflicts with installed app that doesn't like a newer version.

The Software Package Updates should be able to ignore these packages or have at least a switch setting to do so.

Fixed (pending)


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Thanks for your report! I'm passing this to Jamie for further comment.

Does the apt-show-versions command show held-back packages like this as upgradable?

Also, how exactly are you holding packages back?

Yes they show...

$ apt-show-versions libidn2-0
libidn2-0:amd64/buster 2.0.5-1 upgradeable to 2.2.0-2+0~20191009.3+debian10~1.gbpf85c2e
libidn2-0:i386/buster 2.0.5-1 upgradeable to 2.2.0-2+0~20191009.3+debian10~1.gbpf85c2e

apt-mark hold package-name

$ apt-mark showhold

The later package is showing as upgradable even though its held.

Upgrading that package also removes crossover:i386 so I can't let that happen.

Thanks - the next release of Webmin will respect those holds.