Failed to request certificate : No virtual host matching was found, and a few other questions

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#1 Mon, 10/21/2019 - 06:34

Failed to request certificate : No virtual host matching was found, and a few other questions


I currently host several sites on a VPS at Linode without any control panel, just use the command line and nemo to maintain. My sister wants me to set her up a site but she is strictly the gui type, so I thought I would try out Virtualmin and see what it is all about, and set her up a control panel. I don't need mail or anything like that, and I just use the Linode DNS manager to point my domains.

  1. Before I add any virtual server to my installation, I wanted to set up ssl for the main server (, then add virtual servers. I tried to add a ssl cert through the main webmin configuration, but received the error "Failed to request certificate : No virtual host matching was found". I've used the Certbot for my other sites that I host. Would it be better to use that and then change the location of the cert files the webmin config? Or, is it better practice to just add a virtual server called or and then use the copy cert to webmin?

  2. I don't host any mail server, nor do I have any plans to. Can I get rid of those modules, or are they necessary for Virtualmin to function?

  3. Under "Hostname and DNS Client" in the DNS servers list, Virtualmin put and Do I replace them with NS1.LINODE.COM, etc. I can currently get to my site no problem as is. Also, the "Search domains" box lists

  4. Host Addresses - IP Address Enabled? Hostnames Yes localhost ::1 Yes localhost , ip6-localhost , ip6-loopback ff02::1 Yes ip6-allnodes ff02::2 Yes ip6-allrouters Seems to me there there is something missing. The ip of my server maybe? I can navigate to the site no problem, just shows the ubuntu apache page for now.

Thanks for any help in proper configuration of Virtualmin/Webmin. I really don't want to complicate things just to give her a control panel. Thanks again.

Mon, 10/21/2019 - 14:45

I think you need to add a virtual server for the master domain ( 1st - then SSL requests for it should work.

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