Unable to view System Logs after update to virtual-server module ver 3.15

Hi Joe,

When I try to view a log in Webmin-System-System Logs i get the following error message:
Failed to save log : '' is not a valid filename : No such file or directory

This problem started with the 3.15 version of Virtualmin virtual-server module and the problem seems to be the "end td" and the "td " tags in the "View.." link in System Logs.
See the line below: (Chaged less-than and greater-than sign to ( and ) due to html restrictions)
https://www.xxxxx.xx:10000/syslog/save_log.cgi?idx=2&(/td)(td )view=1

All logs EXCEPT the following have the same problem.
Apache error log
MySQL error messages
Kernel messages
Squid caching log
Squid object store log
Usermin error log
Webmin error log

Leif BlÄfors

Closed (fixed)