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#1 Sun, 11/18/2007 - 11:17

windows live admin services

Hi joe,

I've just tested Windows Live admin Center (using my own domain name, I could setup free 500 email accounts, 5GB each, and can chat via msn with hotmail users in other words co branding) where I simply forward the mx to hotmail mail servers.

Things seems to be fine as detected by live admin center, i can chat with my friends on hotmail accounts. fyi im only using mx from Hotmail mail Servers, and i removed the original mx. Funny, is that, I can send email frm hotmail (using my domain name) but I cant receive any reply.

I only use imap and postfix. at this point, I really like the co branding mail from hotmail but at the same time i dont wana mess around with the server configuration (thats why im askin for ur advice :) ), so where did i go wrong?

help :(

Mon, 11/19/2007 - 13:39
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It sounds like you'd just want to setup the MX records to point to the Hotmail servers. You can do that in the Server Templates for new virtual servers, or using the BIND module in Webmin for existing servers.

Setting up MX records in Webmin is covered here:

Starting at the section headed by "Adding an MX (Mail Exchanger) Record for Mail". Usage in Templates is a little trickier, since you need to know the syntax...but you can copy/paste from the generated directives in one you create in the BIND module.


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Tue, 11/20/2007 - 01:42 (Reply to #2)

hi joe
happy monday, mmh i fixed it, the problem was, if u use this cobranding services from hotmail, we have to disable receive mail for domain options. so all mails will go to the cobranding mail instead.actually its good for virtual domain, there's less processing required for mail (clamav and spamassasin), its rather dns work. 5GB and instant messenger is another cool features of it, but of course, u lose the right for total advertisement but still, people rather interested in ur domain rather than so call it even, hotmail looks n feels, but i can set my logo in there. heheh

thanks joe.. lazy monday for me

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