FreeBSD? Custom Modules? Dedicated servers? :)

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#1 Tue, 11/13/2007 - 14:20

FreeBSD? Custom Modules? Dedicated servers? :)

I'll write custom modules for Virtualmin, very reasonable rate, per-project quotes available. We have TONS of rack space sitting empty. $25/mo + $100/dedicated mbit for < 5Mbit, bulk throughput discounts available. VNC access to the KVM (ie, you can get into the system bios, and get to your box even when the network is down to that machine!), network-controlled power outlets for remote reboots.

We're an all-FreeBSD shop, so we can help you out there too!

Tony Shadwick OSS Solutions 314-450-8510 tshadwick at coffee

remove the black caffeinated stuff for my e-mail address. ;)