Setup IP-based virtual FTP?

Hi there,

Why is this option (subject) always present (under "Enabled features") and always checked when creating a new virtual server? Even the tooltip for it states, "Almost no one needs this feature to be enabled (that probably means you)", and yet there it is, always there and always enabled despite the fact that "Almost no one needs this feature".

How can I at the very least make it so that this option is never checked, if not removed entirely from the screen?

To be clear, I only see this as root, but over the last few years I feel I've lost days of my life to paying attention to un-checking this option each time I create a virtual server.

I don't see options to control this under either of the following paths:

  • System Settings -> Server Templates -> ProFTPD virtual FTP
  • System Settings -> Account Plans -> PLAN





Howdy -- thanks for contacting us!

You can adjust that setting in System Settings -> Features and Plugins.

You can either remove the default option, or you can disable it altogether.

OK, so after experimenting on a test (GPL) installation I figured out it's the "ProFTPD virtual FTP" feature that's causing this. I left that enabled on my production system because I was afraid that disabling it would mean that users wouldn't be able to log in to transfer files to their websites. Was I wrong?

The Virtual FTP feature is different from standard FTP -- it's fairly infrequently used, and disabling it won't prevent users from logging in via standard FTP.

Thanks for clearing that up.