IPsec VPN Config Module & StrongSwan or LibreSwan

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#1 Wed, 06/19/2019 - 12:28

IPsec VPN Config Module & StrongSwan or LibreSwan

Hello all,

After consulting both Google and the forum search I have not been able to find anything useful for this.

FULL DISCLOSURE I'm a Windows Server Admin but I know my way around CentOS and Debian enough to be dangerous so please bear with me.

I have CentOS 7 VPS setup with Virtualmin Pro, I need to see if I can setup an IPsec VPN Client to test something out, the IPsec VPN Configuration module references using FreeSwan, however it seems development for FreeSwan stopped in 2004.

According to some posts I found OpenSwan (Now called LibreSwan) and SecureSwan were two project forked off of FreeSwan, however SecureSwan is not available "naturally" from the standard YUM Repos of CentOS 7 and OpenSwan/LibreSwan installs but still isn't recognized, there is also SecureSwan but same behavior as Open/Libre (which I expected but was hoping the VMin Module it could detect and adapt to it).

My question is, does anyone know of a working config for the module to get it to work with any of the 3 newer Swans? (e.g. modifying the Module Configuration within Virtualmin)

I believe something similar was asked on Reddit basically was left at since there really isn't a demand for Viritualmin to update the module it may never get updated but to investigate using OpenSwan (This was something I found dated around 2017)

If I have to use nano to modify conf files then so be it but figured let me ask the community, it would be nice to use the web interface to quickly setup an IPSec VPN Client config.


Sat, 09/28/2019 - 13:53

strongSwan openvpn openSwan libreswan freeswan...

Did I miss any vpn "solutions" for linux?

Is it true that I must use FreeSwan in order to have Virtualmin support?

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