### Please don't remove the Java File Manager reloaded :-) ###

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#1 Wed, 06/12/2019 - 07:27

### Please don't remove the Java File Manager reloaded :-) ###

Hi, I have been using webmin for more than 10 years on all my linux servers, but unfortunately Version 1.910 is missing the files to run the original file manager written in java. The link is still there but you get file not found error. If you copy the missing files from a previous version it works without problems. On my instaltion that is /usr/libexec/webmin/file. I really hope this is an error and you are not going to remove it. Please consider that filemin is not a substitute, they are two different things. If you need to quickly find and edit a configuration file or visually compare a bunch of files then filemin is not for you. I've read in other threads that it is difficult to maintain and that all modern browsers don't support NPAPI anymore, but that's not really the case in my opinion. I'm sure there are many users out here that will be upset without it.

Regards Dario

Wed, 06/12/2019 - 09:41


Unfortunately, due to the lack of browser support for Java, the Java file manager is no longer maintained.

Now, we do understand there's some folks out there who wish to continue using it. You can install it from the Webmin modules page:


We're not going to pick up development for it again though -- Java just isn't a direction online tools are going these days.

However, if there's something found in the Java file manager that's missing from the newer HTML5 file manager, we'll look into whether that's something we can develop (and I see you mentioned a few ideas above, I'll pass those along).


Wed, 06/12/2019 - 12:56

Hi, If you manage dozen of production servers and must be quick and precise in your actions a gui file browser is essential, unfortunately filemin will never be that. Nothing wrong with filemin, those are just the limits of html. You can see it each time someone tries to replace a gui, the end result is that you are slower and more error prone.

In September 2018 Mozilla stopped updating Firefox ESR 52 that supported NPAPI, since then I'm using Basilisk, and it works really well. You just need to allow your urls in the security tab of the java control panel.

I hope that somebody with java knowledge would at least try to convert it from applet to a Java webstart app, that shouldn't be so difficult.

Thanks for clarifying that it will remain available as an optional module.



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