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#1 Tue, 06/04/2019 - 17:43

Whmcs provisioning

Hello, I am experiencing this weird error, when clients place orders and the payment is completed. I go to complete the order and trigger the virtualmin provisioning and it keeps giving me these errors in WHMCS.. I checked virtualmin after it gave me the error on WHMCS and the virtual server was created successfully, its just not giving the right exit status code.

You are already hosting this domain

Adds a new Virtualmin virtual server, with the settings and features
specified on the command line.

virtualmin create-domain --domain domain.name
                         --pass "password-for-new-domain" |
                         --passfile password-file
                        [--parent domain.name | --alias domain.name |
                         --alias-with-mail domain.name |
                         --superdom domain.name]
                        [--desc description-for-domain]
                        [--email contact-email]
                        [--user new-unix-user]
                        [--group new-unix-group]
                        [--default-features] | [--features-from-plan]
                        [--allocate-ip | --ip virtual.ip.address |
                         --shared-ip existing.ip.address]
                        [--default-ip6 |
                         --shared-ip6 existing.ip.address |
                         --allocate-ip6 |
                         --ip6 virtual.ip.address]
                        [--dns-ip address | --no-dns-ip]
                        [--max-doms domains|*]
                        [--max-aliasdoms domains]
                        [--max-realdoms domains]
                        [--max-mailboxes boxes]
                        [--max-dbs databases]
                        [--max-aliases aliases]
                        [--template "name"]
                        [--plan "name"]
                        [--suffix username-prefix]
                        [--db database-name]
                        [--fwdto email-address]
                        [--reseller name]
                        [--mysql-pass password]
                        [--field-name value]*
                        [--enable-jail | --disable-jail]
                        [--mysql-server hostname]

Exit status: 256

This is the array it ran

    [program] => create-domain
    [domain] => godaddy.com
    [user] => godaddyc
    [pass] => +GE:Pyr10T2r2a
    [email] => patrickdenino@gmail.com
    [template] => Default Settings
    [plan] => Default Plan
    [features-from-plan] =>

WHMCS error log

04/06/2019 21:26
Module Create Failed - Service ID: 1 - Error: You are already hosting this domain

04/06/2019 21:26
Running Module Create on Accept Pending Order

I dont get why its returning an error on WHMCS as on virtualmin the virtual server has been created its just not sending back the right exit status code... I tried settings permission for the php.ini for so it could write to it but that did not help.. I have been searching virtualmins & WHMCS documentation but still unable to find something relevant.. Im assuming only the virtualmin veterans would know why this is happening.

If you got an idea as to why this is happening please let me know what it is, I am desperate at this point i would try anything... Been a few since any progress has been made.

Thanks in advance for the help.

Tue, 06/04/2019 - 23:44

I have also had no luck with this. I have the following installed on Virtualmin

  1. Blestacp - has exactly the same issue as you...provisions but no response given by Virtualmin hence no services are recorded as being active in Blesta (even though the VIrtual Server gets created)
  2. WHMCS - no communication at all . and no errors are generated (according to WHMCS logs, the communications are successful but in Virtualmin, nothing happens, WHMCS records products/services as actively setup even though they are not in Virtualmin)

I gave WHMCS support access to my system and WHMCS installation. They spend a bit of time on it over about 1 week and got no where. They are convinced my Virtualmin installation is to blame.

The strange this is, I have also added two other Server Modules to the same WHMCS installation (which resides on the Virtualmin Server itself). These are VestaCP and Centos Web Panel. Both of the other modules are functioning flawlessly...go figure?

In the end I did the following...

  1. Create a brand new VPS

  2. Ran the default Virtualmin GPL auto installer script

  3. Ran the default WHMCS auto installer script from inside Virtualmin

  4. Configured the firewall...actually I completely disabled it along with fail2ban!

WHMCS does not work even with this brand new completely empty setup!

I am convinced its some kind of security issue (port, firewall, iptables, SSL, Fail2ban....??) but I am yet to find out what.

One thing I did find with mine was that in the whmcs> products/services area in the input box for"account plan", I found that one has to use not the name, but the serial number found in Virtualmin (which took a bit of finding for each new package). Whilst I am still not getting services provisioned, it did reduce a couple of errors that WHMCS was throwing initially when I used the Virtualmin "account plan" name.

In the meantime, I have deactivated my virtualmin products/services and am just using the VestaCP and Centos Web Panel modules that I know are working beautifully. I would love to get this sorted as Virtualmin is by far my preferred system for hosting services.

My setup...

If I called my domain "adam.com" then my system is

(where host1.adam.com is the system hostname.fqdn)

I have whmcs installed on a sub virtual server under adam.com.

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Wed, 06/05/2019 - 05:32

Can you post your whcms error logs?

Wed, 06/05/2019 - 11:16

I disabled ssl for virtualmin and whcms and i get the same results. Im also assuming it has something to do with ssl or the firewall but it opened all the ports already... If i disable the firewall virtual will reject all connections...

Tonight after work i will try to reinstall virtualmin on a digitalocean droplet. This time instead of using a default droplet i will try a marketplace droplet and see if using something with a pre configured droplet will help anything..

Ill report back later.

Wed, 06/05/2019 - 15:36

also there is another support ticket about this that might be worth reading...https://www.virtualmin.com/node/48601#comment-813095

I will keep responding here though because people dont always think to go looking in the support ticket area

AJECreative is the home of $5 webhosting, $15/month VPS servers (1cpu,1gb RAM, 25GB storage)
Centos7, Debian9, or Ubuntu18LTS
Available Control Panels = Centos-Webpanel, Cyberpanel, or Virtualmin


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