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#1 Tue, 06/04/2019 - 17:02

Whmcs provisioning

Hello, I am experiencing this weird error, when clients place orders and the payment is completed. I go to complete the order and trigger the virtualmin provisioning and it keeps giving me these errors in WHMCS.. I checked virtualmin after it gave me the error on WHMCS and the virtual server was created successfully, its just not giving the right exit status code.

You are already hosting this domain

Adds a new Virtualmin virtual server, with the settings and features
specified on the command line.

virtualmin create-domain --domain domain.name
                         --pass "password-for-new-domain" |
                         --passfile password-file
                        [--parent domain.name | --alias domain.name |
                         --alias-with-mail domain.name |
                         --superdom domain.name]
                        [--desc description-for-domain]
                        [--email contact-email]
                        [--user new-unix-user]
                        [--group new-unix-group]
                        [--default-features] | [--features-from-plan]
                        [--allocate-ip | --ip virtual.ip.address |
                         --shared-ip existing.ip.address]
                        [--default-ip6 |
                         --shared-ip6 existing.ip.address |
                         --allocate-ip6 |
                         --ip6 virtual.ip.address]
                        [--dns-ip address | --no-dns-ip]
                        [--max-doms domains|*]
                        [--max-aliasdoms domains]
                        [--max-realdoms domains]
                        [--max-mailboxes boxes]
                        [--max-dbs databases]
                        [--max-aliases aliases]
                        [--template "name"]
                        [--plan "name"]
                        [--suffix username-prefix]
                        [--db database-name]
                        [--fwdto email-address]
                        [--reseller name]
                        [--mysql-pass password]
                        [--field-name value]*
                        [--enable-jail | --disable-jail]
                        [--mysql-server hostname]

Exit status: 256

This is the array it ran

    [program] => create-domain
    [domain] => godaddy.com
    [user] => godaddyc
    [pass] => +GE:Pyr10T2r2a
    [email] => patrickdenino@gmail.com
    [template] => Default Settings
    [plan] => Default Plan
    [features-from-plan] =>

WHMCS error log

04/06/2019 21:26
Module Create Failed - Service ID: 1 - Error: You are already hosting this domain

04/06/2019 21:26
Running Module Create on Accept Pending Order

I dont get why its returning an error on WHMCS as on virtualmin the virtual server has been created its just not sending back the right exit status code... I tried settings permission for the php.ini for so it could write to it but that did not help.. I have been searching virtualmins & WHMCS documentation but still unable to find something relevant.. Im assuming only the virtualmin veterans would know why this is happening.

If you got an idea as to why this is happening please let me know what it is, I am desperate at this point i would try anything... Been a few since any progress has been made.

Thanks in advance for the help.

Tue, 06/04/2019 - 17:43

This might be in the wrong section I posted it in the Virtualmin section also, sorry...

Wed, 06/05/2019 - 19:39

OK here is a partial solution that is now working for me on the server i was having problems with.

This is copied from my post in support tickets found at https://www.virtualmin.com/comment/813107

Check all of your server details in whmcs are correct whmcs>setup>product/services>server

i did not use any names for anything...all virtualmin templates and plan details are inputted into WHMCS>setup>product&services/add new product using the Virtualmin ID numbers (open each Virtualmin template and also each Virtualmin plan in a web browser and you will see the ID in URL...copy this into whmcs).

If i used Virtualmin names in WHMCS it failed for me but not if i use Virtualmin ID's for both templates and packages/account plans

In Webmin Tab- Webmin>Webmin Users>root click on root user then, click on "Security limits and options" and i changed IP Access Control to "Allow from all ip Addresses" (previously i had this to only allow from my office static ip address) I am not sure if this actually has anything to do with WHMCS provisioning, this is just what i did

check Permissions for All modules > Can accept RPC calls? = Only from root or admin (i guess "yes" would also work) Ok now for the Quirks in WHMCS...

WHMCS has so many buttons that are "doing buttons" any of them appear to initiate some kind of communication. The trouble is, that is actually not the case. For example,

In WHMCS admin area under clients>view/search clients>client name>

there are buttons directly below the first section called create/suspend/unsuspend/terminate/change package etc...

If one clicks on one of these buttons, it appears that whmcs is provisioning...i left it for 10 minutes and that little round wheel kept right on spinning and spinning. What i did not realise is that if i then scroll down to bottom of page and then click save...voila it provisions.

Now for the strange bit...if you look in my attached image link, you will notice that the service has provisioned, however in WHMCS it is still set to "Pending"!

I have setup the virtualmin module such that no product is automatically provisioned unless i accept the order from administration area in whmcs. So in light of this setting, I would have thought that WHMCS should not provision anything in virtualmin unless i accept the order from WHMCS>Orders>List pending Orders...and yet, we can clearly see goannadomains.com.au in the virtual server list!

Anyway, I have now made significant progress on my issue and essentially it is now provisioning...what worries me is that will this work if click create, dont walk away for 10 minutes and then come back and scroll down and hit save in WHMCS?

Clearly, if the administrator clicks on any of these buttons, it is over riding the pending setting and intiating the provisioning process immediately. I imagine that one should instead simply scroll down and click save?

Quirks...blasted Quirks!!!

here is Image link (registration date in image is the day i first created user in whmcs...it is not day of provisioning)


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Wed, 06/05/2019 - 19:41

Also, here is a later image showing a little more information...


Also, I still have a descrepancy that requires some troubleshooting...WHMCS is incorrectly reporting the Disk Limit! It is 500MB in virtualmin, not 1024MB as is being displayed in WHMCS! (not in the attached image btw)

Oh well, least of my problems at present.

AJECreative is the home of $5 webhosting, $15/month VPS servers (1cpu,1gb RAM, 25GB storage)
Centos7, Debian9, or Ubuntu18LTS
Available Control Panels = Centos-Webpanel, Cyberpanel, or Virtualmin


Thu, 06/06/2019 - 08:46

Its an ssl issue for me.

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