"Index Of" with a new virtual server

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"Index Of" with a new virtual server

Not sure what the correct question is.

What is the cause of the "Index Of" listing on the home page of a newly created virtual server? I don't know what I need to address/fix.

Background: I created a server in my office with an old machine. Installed particulars and Webmin/Virtualmin. No issues. I can create virtual servers at will no issues. I am using DNSExit service to point to my IP address. Basically, all of the default installs and configs work and I don't need to become a network expert.

Now I have a VPS at Godaddy (all domains are registered there) and installed Webmin/Virtualmin without issues. When I create a new virtual server, exactly like my office server the home page of the new site renders the "Index Of" page. I tried a VPS at a different hosting company and had NO issues, but I ended up not agreeing with TOS.

The point is WM/VM works as expected 2 out of 3. So what is different at Godaddy? My guess is a DNS/Nameserver issue. But, I don't know enough networking to know what needs to change.


UPDATE: I found info about the DocumentRoot. And it turns out the virtual server is grabbing the index.html from the default: /var/www/html. So, I took a peek at httpd.conf. The virtual host section has the directory listed of the files should be loading. Is there something causing Apache to ignore?

Tue, 06/04/2019 - 14:46


If the domain you're going to is setup in Virtualmin, but it's pulling up the wrong site -- then you may be seeing this issue here:


Take a peek at that, and see if those tweaks help with the issue that you're seeing.


Tue, 06/04/2019 - 16:51 (Reply to #2)

I followed the article.

After making tweaks and restarting/rebooting, No joy. Also Deleted the domain and recreated with no joy.

I've also been comparing everything I can think to my office server and the only glaring difference I can see is the office server has IPV6 turned on. But the Godaddy VPS doesn't have it on or enabled. I don't recall doing anything on either box. And I'm not sure this is the lynch in pin anyway.

The apache virtualhost sections are slightly different.

The office server has:

next section has the local IP as exptected.

Godaddy VP only this:

BTW: I am using a different domain than the one used as My hostname.

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