How to change the domain name of server?

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#1 Thu, 10/25/2007 - 09:26

How to change the domain name of server?

I got a Centos 5 server setup for me through softlayer. They asked for a domain when setting it up.

Well now I want to change that because that domain has accounts and web files in a different location than where virtualmin hosts them all. I would like to have this original domain name be a part of virtualmin and just change it to something else for the overall server?

How do I do this and what needs to change?

I see there is /etc/hosts localhost.localdomain localhost www

Does this need to change? What else?

I tried changing just the host file above but when I try to access the domain it doe snot resolve(it worked fine for the other one)


Sun, 10/28/2007 - 04:06

Well, I'm a little confused. What do you mean by different location? If I have it straight, VM just reads the hostname from the sytem settings.

If I understand your question, you want to relieve the hostname from an actual working domain and just name the box, to such as, You do that in the networksettings module in VM or netconfig at the system level. Be sure to reboot after doing so.

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