Setgid in usr/local ownership and permssions

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#1 Sat, 05/04/2019 - 23:00

Setgid in usr/local ownership and permssions

Hi guys, I created a new Virtual Sub Server this morning however things have gotten a little mixed up.

  1. what should default ownership of "/usr/local/" be? (currently i have 2 options...either "root:root" or "root:staff")

  2. Virtualmin automatically added a "gid" via "setgid" to /usr/local/. Should i change the "setgid"?

Unchecking it on the permissions "setgid" check box does not work! I also try to put a "0" in front of 755 (ie 0755)...this also does not work!

Does it matter if Virtualmin insists on having the "2" in front of 755 (ie "2755")?

What "setgid" in ownership should /usr/local/ have by default?

is it a security risk currently "2755"

What Id does the "2" refer to compared with "0"?

What i have also noticed is that one of my subservers did have ioncube loaders showing up in info.php under Addon Modules. Since this cockup, that has now dissapeared!