bind9 (Addresses and Topology-Global address and topology options-Ports and addresses to listen on)

I want my dns server to only listen to the external network. Because I had to use another dns server (dnsmasq) for the internal network and it would respond to the demands coming from the internal network. This is my obligation to install the virtualmin openvpn at the same time I want to set up pihole. but I can't reach my web sites when I tell bind9 to listen to the outside network.

where do you think I'm making a mistake. Or is it so stupid that I do :)



Howdy -- it looks like you're using Virtualmin GPL there, the area here is for folks using Virtualmin Pro.

It's no problem to get support!

But you'd want to do so using the Forums.

We monitor the Forums, along with lots of wonderful folks in the community. Thanks!

I buyed Virtualmin Pro license. Would you help me please?