Can't log in to Webmin from internal home network?

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Can't log in to Webmin from internal home network?

This is a commonly asked question, so I thought I would post this as a FAQ.

PROBLEM: I can't log in to Webmin or Virtualmin at http://192.168.1.x:10000 or 20000 (or at any home/private IP address e.g. http://10.1.1.x:10000 ). I host my server at home / within a home network.


[color=#FF0000]1. DNS Issue[/color]

If you receive a timeout error when viewing http://192.168.1.x:10000, check that you have set your DNS settings correctly. Your domain name may not be pointing to your server.

To check if your DNS is configured correctly, use to check for any errors.

[color=#FF0000]2. Port Access Issue[/color]

Did you configure your home router to allow port 10000 and 20000? Consult your router manual or check your router setting.

To quickly check if it is a port access issue, you could set your internal/private server IP address as DMZ (de-militarized zone) - i.e. allow all port access. If after setting DMZ, you could access your server, you know it is a port access issue.

For security, it is not recommended that you open all port access. Therefore, once you are done with troubleshotting, remove your private server IP address as DMZ. Then, allow access to specific ports that you use - common ones are: http (80), https (443), ftp (21), ssh (22), smtp 25), pop3 (110), imap (143), webmin (10000), virtualmin (20000).

[color=#FF0000]3. Router Issue[/color]

Most routers for home use do not have a IP loopback feature. This means that your router is not able to connect to a server hosted within your home/private network.

Three possible solutions: A. Try to connect to your server using the public IP address or using the domain name (instead of the private IP address). Don't forget to add the port no. i.e. B. Get a router that does; or C. Simply use a proxy when browsing your server. Get a free proxy from (Some listed there may not actually work. If it doesn't, choose another one. Choose one with port 80) To connect though a web proxy on MS Internet Explorer... > Tools > Internet Options > Connections > Lan Settings > Proxy server > *tick checkbox & enter proxy IP and port

I am writing this from the top of my head. If I miss anything, I am sure Joe will chime in to add or correct me.<br><br>Post edited by: ah...lifes...good, at: 2007/10/01 07:50