Very new and have questions about Cloud/virtualmin setup from scratch

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#1 Mon, 02/25/2019 - 20:42
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Very new and have questions about Cloud/virtualmin setup from scratch


As stated I am new to these as I have been a cPanel/WHM user for years.

I have a new dedicated server which I am setting up with 500gb ssd in raid1 for OS and 4tb sata in raid10 for data storage. This is a first for me in the sense I have always used raid1 for everything.

So after having read up on cloud/virtual for the last week I am left with a couple of questions as I don't want to stuff up installing these. In understanding that Virtualmin runs as user accounts inside cloudmin and that cloud creates Virtual servers within a server my questions are.

1) Based on my raidx2 setup for OS/data storage setup I presume installing cloudmin would be the first thing to do. If I install cloud in my raid1 will it read/find the rad5 data storage capacity and use that to create it's virtual machines on or will it mix the 2 raids into a single storage total. Basically my idea is to not use my raid1 for storage of data other than the default setup stuff of cause used for running the OS.

2) is cloud installed once on the main system and then creates virtual machines from within that or does cloud have to be installed from the word go into separate VM's from the word go. Basically does cloud allow for different sized packages to be created or does virtualmin take care of that side of things when creating hosting packages.

3) Basically this question is pretty much the same as Q2 but for virtualmin meaning does virtualmin get installed into the main cloudmin and then create users from the available cloudmin virtual machines created or does it create VM's as need/required.

4) This question is just a throw out there question if is know to anyone and probably not one you want to answer but based on my past usage of websites and knowing it's the most commonly used I do need if it is possible to do within a cloudmin VM.

And this is: can we install different control panels (for example) like cPanel within a cloudmin VM.

As I am new here I hoping these question will cover me for installing everything and getting to a clean starting point without issues.

Hope you can help.



5) What is the difference with using the free version for setting up and testing it out and then installing the pro version over the top of that when ready to go live or is there a big difference between the 2 that the pro needs be install instead.


Tue, 02/26/2019 - 04:26

I am not a cloudmin user so I cant give expert advice on cloudmin. however, I do use virtualmin on my google cloud compute instance.

her is what I believe (and I am no expert so might be wrong.

cloudmin as you say, manages the clustered server configuration or virtual machine assumption being its somewhat like virtual box and VMware in that sense. Webmin (you missed this one) provides a gui interface for managing the server O/S etc

Virtualmin as you said, manages user accounts (like cPanel accounts)

I tend to view webmin/virtualmin combination like whm/cPanel (perhaps im wrong in this)

The one time I have used all three together, they showed up as 3 tabs within a virtualmin environment.

The GPL version of virtualmin works well and I currently use it in favour of the pro version I used to have. my understanding is webmin doesn't have a pro version?

Cloudmin GPL has restrictions I think to a single physical server. I am not sure what this means for a vps? (probably that cloudmin is a waste of time for a vps anyway?) maybe if you are selling vps to customers and link it with whmcs or blesta then yes it would be useful.

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Wed, 02/27/2019 - 00:34
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Hi Adam

Thanks for your thoughts I also presumed it was similar to VB and VMware but need to make sure as parts that I read also seem to express it to more of a server management system where as you install in on one system and then control other servers with/from it rather than a VPS controller type virtual machine. I just need to be sure before installing anything.

As for webmin NO I didn't leave it out as that is required for both options either way.

Although I really want to try this Vmin and my dedicated server being almost here in the day or two the problem I am having is that 80% of what I am finding and reading online everywhere including on this site in some places is that it's all so old and I mean like up to 8 to 10 years old and that is really starting to worry me a great deal because if there hasn't been any new info updated about how this has improved then that technically means it hasn't or that it is so out dated that users just don't bother with it. It certainly doesn't feel encouraging to want to spend money on it in any way at all.

Having said that I did find out that Cloudmin can be installed after Virtualmin/Webmin which is what I might do to start with but again that info was dated back to 2013 so who knows. At least at cPanel they keep everything updated included doc etc. Here nothing. I dodn't even know if the issues mentioned in 2013 still exist today because there is nothing on it anywhere.

So maybe if these MIN devs have answers they could kindly lighten some load from my mind on these matters and maybe throw in some encouragement as to why I should be looking at continuing with this path over cPanel.

Currently I looking at best way to uninstall these should they not work, guess that's problem outdated as well.

Again thanks for your help.


Just starting out and all is new so I apologize in advance if the terms used are not correct.

Wed, 02/27/2019 - 05:55

Hi, I can't make up what you have and want to archive as you don't mention anything else than leaving cPanel. I am migrating away slowly from cPanel for many reasons, like you and many others have their own reasons. What puzzles me is that you will get your new server and think of cloud, for anything cloud you would require at least four server and hardware failures and software failures, now cPanel doesn't provide anything cloud only cloudy visions and years for integrating hard required features. I suggest you just install something like ESXi VMware free version on that server, because I assume your not going to install only Virtualmin on that assuming it is a powerful server you ordered and createwith VMware some virtual severs in which you create Virtualmin servers.. If you want to host custmers then spread the customers over several virtualmin servers. But mostly I would strongly suggest/recommend you first install local in your Virtual box or Vmware player or whatever you use a Virtualmin server and start to discover and learn. The documents are good enough to keep you going and unlike cpanel you can't break it completely. Just set-up a virtualmin server and play. No you won't install cPanel in Virtualmin... yak!

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