Need DevOps Engineers & System Administrators. UTC−03 to UTC−08.

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Need DevOps Engineers & System Administrators. UTC−03 to UTC−08.

Present Need

We need multiple additional DevOps Engineers and or System Administrators. Who are able to do either one or more of the following on-going telecommute services:

  1. Install Virtualmin and Webmin on two freshly installed RedHat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) 7 Maipo
  2. Install SSL certificates
  3. Configure Apache 2, MariaDB 10, PHP 7, security
  4. Migrate database from physical server to cloud server on VMware. From RHEL 6 to RHEL 7. From MySQL 5 to MariaDB 10.
  5. Training
  6. Support
  7. Related services

Again you do not need to be able to do all the services listed above. Because with Ubertus you are free to pick and choose which services, roles, products, projects, tickets you are interested in. Assuming your present skills match the requester's needs.

These job opportunities are on-going with Ubertus. And potentially long term, depends on your service quality, qualifications, and availability.

Pay Scale

Hourly USD $70 to $150. CAD $95 to $200.

1 to 15 hours monthly

Both the hourly rate and the hours above depend on your service quality, qualifications, and availability

Requirements & How to Apply

Please double check that you meet all 12 requirements below. As they are essentials.
Candidates who DO meet all those requirements below are really welcome :)
Candidates who do NOT meet any one of those requirements below will be ignore :( Sorry.

  1. Please send:
    1. Motivation letter
    2. Resume
    3. Minimum one of the following four options:
      • Option 1: Your public username(1)
        Which is publicly display next to your comments in those forums.
      • Option 2: Link to your public profile(1)
        For example<YOUR.USERNAME.HERE>
      • Option 3: Link to your public profile(1)
        For example<YOUR.USERNAME.HERE>/profile/
      • Option 4: Link to your public profile(1)
        For example<YOUR.USERNAME.HERE>
      • (1)Why Ubertus asks for this? Because in addition to this job opportunities, Ubertus offer paid community contributions to Virtualmin, Webmin, Drupal, and other open source projects. Ubertus requires that your public profile(s) somehow demonstrate that you contributed to Virtualmin, or Webmin, or Drupal community. Contributions such as, but not limited to, comments into the forums or tickets/issues, or patches, or documentation/wiki.
    4. References. Two or more. From your clients or employers. With both their email addresse(s) and phone number(s).
    5. Your questions if any
  2. Physically located within any one of the following time zone. Please mention which time zone you are physically located in. Candidates physically located outside those time zone will be ignore.
    1. UTC−08/Pacific Time zone (PT). Map.
    2. UTC−07/Mountain Time zone (MT). Map.
    3. UTC−09/Alaska Time zone (AKT). Map.
    4. UTC−06/Central Time Zone (CT). Map.
    5. UTC−05/Eastern Standard Time (EST). Map.
    6. UTC−04/Eastern Daylight Time (EDT). Map.
    7. UTC−03/North America, South America, Greenland (GMT-3). Map.
  3. Proven working experience with:
    1. Virtualmin and Webmin
    2. RedHat or Debian
    3. Apache
    4. MariaDB or MySQL
  4. Able to telecommute
  5. High speed internet connection. Minimum upload speed 1Mbps.
  6. Proven working experience with both working within a team and independently. Including collaborating with others, make suggestions, improve workflows, share knowledge. Or willing to learn those skills.
  7. Interested to use a wide variety of open source software
  8. Functional understanding of the English language. Speak, write, read.
  9. You are able to not interfere with other collaborators' services. While at the same time you are able to not let other collaborators interfere with your services. So that all collaborators' services are free of interference both ways. More about this in the "Equal-opportunity" section below.
  10. Mention you found this job opportunity at
  11. Freelancers are welcome :) Employment agencies will be ignore :( Sorry.
  12. If you really meet all requirements listed above, please send your application to the Ubertus Human Resources team (HRT) at
    We welcome and reply only to selected applications which including ALL requirements listed above :) Applications WITHOUT all requirements will be ignore :( Sorry.


Ubertus is an equal-opportunity employer. We really believe that diversity is a strength. Not a weakness. Diversity is one of our core values. All candidates will be consider equally, unhampered by artificial barriers or prejudices or preferences. To increase its diversity, Ubertus encourage and welcome applications from, but not limited to, aboriginal, heterosexual or LGBT, man or women, non-political or political, non-religious or religious, and persons living with disability challenges. All candidates meeting the requirements listed above are welcome :)



Wed, 07/03/2019 - 14:45

Are there job openings still ?

Tue, 07/09/2019 - 15:44 HRT HRT's picture

Hello sgrayban :) Yes

We hired multiple DevOps Engineers and or System Administrators. We style need multiple additional ones. This is an on-going opportunity. How to apply and details are under "Requirements & How to Apply" section at

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Ubertus Human Resources Team at Inc.
Love back your Virtualmin & Webmin community

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