Virtualmin/postfix local to local not working

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#1 Mon, 02/04/2019 - 06:54

Virtualmin/postfix local to local not working


I am new to virtualmin, and have som issues sending mails from a local pc ( on the same network as virtualmin, with postfix )

My setup

virtualmin: workstation:

i have an active dom├Žin on virtualmin, and sending and receiving mails from the internet is working fine. the problem is when i use it on my local pc.

i have a notification program, that can connect to any mail sever, and send aout an notification. This works flawless - i have testet with a mail server, on the internet, and it works great. but the issie is that i can not coinnect to it localy... i simply dossent connect, or even try to it.

i have not much log to use, but i tail mail.log - and external mails a showing fine.. b ut nothing happens when i try localy.

firewall is of ( duing test)

i have been looking in postfix setup - and i simply cant see any errors

i ahve even testet vith the ip instead ofs still nothing i even changed windows hostfile, to let it look ip the internal ip og postfix ... still nothing

is there any way i can get this to work? thanks :)