[solved] Cannot Fix Permissions in /public_html/ for Joomla

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#1 Fri, 01/25/2019 - 13:11

[solved] Cannot Fix Permissions in /public_html/ for Joomla

I am a long time Joomla User and I'm migrating from IIS back to linux (virtualmin) for one of several sites and virtualmin servers i run

the website works no problem but i cannot make any changes to configuration or save any files via the Joomla interface, or update joomla via the backend or install modules anymore.

I recursively chown -R jancare:jancare to fix all ownership isues but the joomla interface says that all the folders are unwritable.

I'm at a loss even in akeeba admin tools hitting the fix permissions button can't fix the permissions.

I went to validate servers and did that and still didn't help my permission/ownership issue however I did notice it did change all the ownerships to jancare:jancare which is expected on files and folders I uploaded over SFTP which were under owner root so I know that "worked"

I changed configuration.php to 777 and the interface said it was writable but still wouldn't let me write to it via php in joomla, so i put that back to 644

all folders are 755 and all files are 644.

I am able to create an FTP user only and touch these folders with new files and directories.

I have never seen this permission issue in virtualmin before what am i missing?

I have gone to server -> website configuration and moved between fcgi and modphp and apache but nothing seems to fix the permissions

I am wondering if this had anything to do with me deleting a subserver because i used to be able to install things on this joomla site, I noticed after deleting that server apache no longer recognized php files and i had to put a handler in manually to apache2.conf because there is no way i would have taken that out manually. Is there anything in the backend beyond file ownership validation I can check. This broke recently and deleting and adding subservers it the only thing that "changed"

So I had to add this to my apache2.conf

SetHandler application/x-httpd-php


I think a big chunk was cache not cleared. So I removed the filematch and went with fcgi and that works for www.domain.com but does NOT work for domain.com. If I type domain.com i get PHP code. If I type www.domain.com i get my website not sure what to do.