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#1 Mon, 09/10/2007 - 07:49

Problem with Mailman

Even though I use virtualmin for a couple of months just before a couple of days i need to create a mailing list and I came through some problems with the mailman module.

When i create a mailing list everything seems to be ok but i receive no email for the creation of the list and when i try to send something on the list acts like the list does not exist.

Another thing i noticed is that when i try to create a list with the same name but under different domains i get an error message that the list already exist.

I took a look on the /etc/mailman/ and i noticed that the values from DEFAULT_EMAIL_HOST , DEFAULT_URL_HOST are configured for the initial (1st) domain.

Also i noticed the line has to do with the configuration when adding a new list is on the following form : "add_virtualhost (DEFAULT_URL_HOST, DEFAULT_EMAIL_HOST)"

I am not an expert but as far as i can judge the problem probably has to do with the configuration.

Could someone help with the problem ?

Mon, 09/10/2007 - 08:52

I was just about to post a message about this myself. I am having the same problems and have noticed a few others as well. I am on Ubuntu.

* The /pipermail/ links for the archives don't seem to be supported at all as there are no http directives created for it. I either get invalid URL, or the webmin login screen depending on how I try to get there.

* I think that redirecting access to all the mailman pages through the virtualmin address will be confusing for the mail list subscribers, especially those who are familiar already with how mailman works. Is it possible to avoid that and have real domain.tld/mailman/FOO addresses instead?

There are some mailman docs about integrating with Postfix and virtual domains. Has that been done here? Maybe I was looking at the wrong place but I didn't see it.

Having support for MailMan was one of the main reasons I chose to buy the Pro version of Vitualmin, so I would really like to see it get into working order.

Mon, 09/10/2007 - 09:44
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Robin has filed bug 3205 about this (see, and I am following up on the problem there..


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