Installing OAuth - No end of troubles!

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#1 Tue, 01/22/2019 - 23:37

Installing OAuth - No end of troubles!

Hi there,

Not quite in scope of Virtualmin but gathered I'd see if anyone had tips for me in here.

I have a fairly standard VPS running CentOS 7, with Webmin+Virtualmin.

I am trying to install the php OAuth extension using pecl. For all intents and purposes, the install ran fine, without a problem in fact.

The trouble I am having is trying to get the extension to register. I have added the extension to my php.ini file, restarted apache, restarted my entire server, but it still is not showing as installed.

When I run php -m | grep -i "OAuth" in SSH OAuth appears.

I am not very technical, and usually scrape by with tutorials and videos, all of which I'm sure I've followed to the letter but to no avail.

Is there anyone who has any tips or tidbits for me, maybe something I've missed?

Cheers, Jamie